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Pearlnight's News

Posted by Pearlnight - 2 days ago

Hello, everyone! I hope the new year's being nice to you so far...it sure as hell is being nice to me...


Before you go on over to read the first episode, please remember that this thing is 18+ and adults only! When you land on the comic's page, you'll land on the warning page first. That, and all of the episode covers go out of their way to tell you that this is 18 and up.

With that out of the way, if you want to see the first episode of Dancing with the Dead...click the link below.



Posted by Pearlnight - November 26th, 2021

Probably the strangest test run I've done, but I'm now testing out the latest art website, Buzzly.art! For anybody interested, it's currently in Beta and completely open! This platform will be for my doodles and things that are too experimental for Newgrounds. The last two weeks have had a lot of art-block and general business, but I finally got a piece cooking! Let's hope nothing messes me up next week!

Dancing with the Dead update: Going smooth! We're now halfway through the first issue/pilot/whatever you'd like to call it! It's been a full month since I started, happy!...uh...oops. Anniversary of starting it? That's a mouthful.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by Pearlnight - November 12th, 2021

Happy Friday, everybody. I'm here to let you all know that I have been hard at work on Episode 1 of Dancing with the Dead! I should be able to post a new drawing next weekend, but this weekend I'm putting my undivided attention into the comic.

Progress is going well, it's over ten pages in. What's been slowing progress a bit has been how experimental I've been with the comic, and general work stuff needing my attention.

Thanks for Reading!

Posted by Pearlnight - October 31st, 2021

🎃 Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe and sane out there! I'm gonna watch Fright Night! 🎃

Now...for the news.

Fangs a Lot episode 1 has dropped!

Head on over to my personal website to go check it out, or click this link if you're in a rush!

To celebrate, I released a commemorative sticker on Redbubble! More stickers will come as more film reviews are written. I am also considering in my spare time, to draw posters for each review.

And for even more news...

Dancing with the Dead episode 1 is well underway!

I am so happy to announce that the comic is finally starting! Keep in mind that unlike most webcomics, I finish entire chapters before posting them, but I call them "episodes". For anyone who might have missed the new information, Dancing with the Dead is being hosted on ComicFury!

Thanks for reading!


Posted by Pearlnight - October 20th, 2021

The Dancing with the Dead section on my website is now up!

It's UP! Go forth, my ghosts and goblins! The DWTD section on my website is done! Finito! I'm so happy!

Click this text to head on over!

I said this on the front page of my site, but I'll say it here too. The "merch" page takes you to my redbubble, which will have its own DWTD section. This will only happen after the first episode of the comic launches, and it will most likely be stickers and prints.

A lot has changed since I first talked about DWTD on here, just a heads up for anybody wondering. Information you might have seen on Toyhou.se or in any other written bio material is likely to be outdated. This is especially true with character backstories, for those who may remember my time on that website. But despite this, if you'd ever like to, you're more than free to draw the characters in their earlier designs. Just specify that this is the character's earlier version, to prevent any confusion. I will admit that I am very fond of August's beta design, back when he had that monstrous pompadour.

But wait...there's more!

Before I retreat back to my spire once more...New Redbubble stickers have arrived! There's two collections at the moment, black and white, and black and off-white. There may be a full colour-collection coming soon as well. Each sticker will have three versions of itself; so if you like the design but you want a different colour.

Thanks for reading!


Posted by Pearlnight - October 13th, 2021

Site's had a major update! It's always gonna be some form of WIP but it's at least getting a much more finalised appearance. Now, to the chase..

For any of you who like movie reviews, now's a good time to announce this...I have a section on my site just for those! It's a series I've named "Fangs a Lot" and it covers vampires in cinema! The first "episode" is yet to release; but I promise I'll make it something! This is just a fun little side project for when I'm too busy or tired to draw my own things.

In a rush and wanna have a quick peek at the page? Click this!


Thanks for reading!


Posted by Pearlnight - October 10th, 2021

For anybody curious about my Toyhouse...I'm moving from there! Nuked everything, changed my account name, did as much as I could, all of that stuff! I don't want to cause any confusion or worry anybody, cause I know people can nuke their profiles when they're going through some serious mental health lows. I felt Toyhouse wasn't suiting me like it used to, especially as I get onto my next point...

I'll be on ComicFury real soon, because baby, this is gonna be a webcomic. It won't start for a bit, as I've still got character thingies and story elements to prepare, but soon you'll see Dancing with the Dead take off! Originally it was going to be a seperate site from my main, but the two have just been fused and now I'm sorting that out!

Hope you've all been doing good, everyone! Any snacks you're stocking up on for Halloween? I've got at least two packets of chocolate brownie oreos!

Thanks for reading!


Posted by Pearlnight - September 25th, 2021

Where have I been?

Project stuff! Work stuff! Lots of stuff! I do plan to get around to posting here next weekend, for those of you who were concerned or confused. It's most likely gonna be lineless art! I hope you've all been doing okay, October's just around the corner and I'm pumped.

1/10/21 Update: mello had other plans


Thanks for reading!


Posted by Pearlnight - September 9th, 2021

Changing things up so you can expect pieces on weekends, rather than every single weekend. This is so you're not left wondering when I'm absent or otherwise just too busy to post.

...Yes...I keep getting busy...


Don't worry, I'm not gonna just poof on you guys, but this is so I don't disappoint anybody with sudden freak disappearances. I'm just juggling a lot and I had to make this decision. So this means sometimes you'll get me posting literally every weekend, other times there may be gaps.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by Pearlnight - August 27th, 2021


I'm horking down some black pudding as I type this and I gotta say, WEW, it feels good to be back on track. Next piece is most likely gonna be lineless, probably mythology themed.

As for my Wix site, it's had a major renovation! Warning for any first-time viewers, it's aggressively 90s.

Thanks for reading!